Monthly Archives: March 2016

Psychological Reasons for Obesity

Miraculous diets can help you to lose weight… for some time. After one month of painful sacrifice you finally unlock the fridge and fill it up with all the yummy groceries you used to enjoy before. You are back in your routine, back in your habits – and back on your unwanted weight. The idea […]

Is My Friend Now In Heaven

After two previous mini-strokes, my friend finally succumbed to cardiac arrest a couple of months ago. Christmas has an eerie way of making our thoughts meander, like a flowing stream flowing downhill. And one of those that stood out was a co-worker and a close buddy I find difficult to forget for two reasons: First, […]

Can Television Help To Tackle Obesity

Childhood obesity has become a serious problem in the United Kingdom as in other Western countries. In the age of television, computers and the internet, children spend much time indoors and much less out in the fresh air involved in some form of physical activity. The British government has announced a programme addressing this problem […]