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I Regularly See a Chiropractor

When I moved to California, one of the first things I did was find a San Diego chiropractor that I felt comfortable with. I did this before looking for a doctor, a dentist, and even a hair stylist, because this is the person who is most important in my day to day life. I was […]

Moving a Large Appliance Hurt Me

I helped my sister move from her apartment into her house a few weeks ago, and I might have taken on more than I should have. Though there were some younger fellows there to help as well, I still tried to move like I was their age. When you are in your 40s, that is […]

I Feel So Good Now

I am constantly busy. I have a full time career as a real estate agent, plus I am married with three children, two dogs, and a cat. My husband is great in helping out with things, and our children help immensely with the pets. Still, a lot of things fall on me, so I was […]

I Didn’t Want to Feel Tired Anymore

Have you ever been so sick and tired of being sick and tired? That was me about a year ago. I had been increasingly getting more tired as the weeks turned into months, and I knew something had to be done about it. I asked my doctor, who simply said that it is part of […]

Obesity in Men Unhealthy and Unmanly

While obesity affects both woman and men, it’s women who more often, in my experience, will eventually seek professional, guided assistance of some kind to lose weight, even after they’ve tried one quick-fix gimmick after another. Men, on the other hand, again in my experience and going by what they tell me when we meet […]

5 Leading Causes of Obesity

Overweight or obesity can be described as a very unhealthy accumulation of body fats. The excessive disposition of body fat leads to many health complications and even reduce the life expectancy of affected people. Obesity is measured in terms of body mass index which is obtained by dividing your weight by the square of your […]

Is Sugar Making You Fat?

The study of weight gain, weight loss and obesity is a mine-field of junk science, uninformed opinions and scams. The amount of misinformation is overwhelming. You have to skillfully identify reliable sources and untainted studies. The common belief that people get fat mainly because they eat too much is today facing a strong challenge, backed […]

The Skinny On Obesity and Your Skin

Everyone knows the long list of medical issues associated with obesity: heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea and too many others to list here. Few, however, realize that excess weight can also affect the health and appearance of your skin. 1. Acne. Sebum plays a major role in acne development. It […]