Moving a Large Appliance Hurt Me

I helped my sister move from her apartment into her house a few weeks ago, and I might have taken on more than I should have. Though there were some younger fellows there to help as well, I still tried to move like I was their age. When you are in your 40s, that is sort of a no no. I had a sore back for a few days, but I did not think much of it. It was only when it did not go away that I knew I should probably see a chiropractor in Phoenix.

I had not been to this type of doctor before, but I knew that it just made sense because it was my back that was causing all of the pain. It was between my lower back and the middle of my back, and I suspected that it was when I helped to move her fridge. Lifting it off the truck, even with the help of three others, might not have been my smartest move. The doctor was able to help me though. He gave me an examination first so he could see what my range of motion was like.

I was able to extend my arms out and move my shoulders with no problems. When he had me bend though, I could not do it all the way. The pain would just get increasingly worse until I had to stand fully upright again. He did take X-rays just to rule out any other damage, and then he explained how chiropractic adjustments would be able to help me. He performed the first one on me that day, and I actually walked out of his office feeling much better than when I had walked in. I had a few more done, and I feel like I could go lift more fridges now. I won’t do that, but it’s nice to feel that I can!