My Corte Madera Chiropractor Helps Me Keep Up with My Wife and Kids

The problem with our kids is that they are a little more than three decades younger than me. I am getting some of the aches and pains of having a labor job and being injured a couple or more times on the job. My wife is just a five years younger than me, but a couple of people have actually asked if she was my older daughter. Wow! Way to make me feel even older than I did feel. However, it is keeping up with the kids that is the reason why I see my Corte Madera chiropractor.

I probably could not endure camping in a tent, hiking, bicycle riding, canoeing, skiing, snowball battles and all that summer swimming if it was not for my chiropractor. Well, I must say that I would not be able to do all that and my job too. The kids are young and do not have aches and pains, so they would not be able to relate to me telling them my back hurts and I would rather just take a day and rest. So, I do not do that to them or my wife. I do what it takes to stay in the game. The regular adjustments, heat and massage therapy and the electrical muscle stimulation therapy all help me stay in the daily game of work and home life.

I admit that the home life is way more fun than the work life, but I have to earn the money so we can go camping and stuff. My wife works as a nurse and is on her feet all day. She is super fit and does not have the aches and pains. I hope they never hit her like they did me. The injuries are behind my back trouble. It was broken once, and the surgery did not work out as it was supposed to work. My Corte Madera chiropractor keeps me strong and able to move to keep up with the kids and my wife who are always on the go.